Brake/Clutch Bleeder

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Brake and clutch bleeding device

CODE: permex rl10705

Price: £336.00 (£403.20 inc VAT)

Chrome-plated device, air-operated, suitable for bleeding the hydraulic brakes and clutches of all motor vehicles. The bleeding operation can be carried out in just a few minutes by one person.  The brake-bleeding device is equipped with an elastic inner...[more]

Series of special connection plugs

CODE: permex rl11002

Price: £195.20 (£234.24 inc VAT)

Series of special connection plugs composed of: (B - C - E - G - K - H - L - M - P - R - U - X - Z) (The series of special plugs do not come with the standard brake bleeder but only on request). NB: the same plugs can also be supplied individually. [more]

Universal plug W

CODE: permex rl11001

Price: £153.00 (£183.60 inc VAT)

Universal plug to connect the brake bleeder device to most of vehicles. 11000/W - Universal plug W [more]